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Planning on visiting Slovakia?
Learn Slovak now - quickly and easily!
It is possible, and with the Speak Slovak starter pack you can do it right now.
Introducing the Speak Slovak package!

The world's first fully-downloadble, audio learning package, making sure you learn the basics of the Slovak language quickly and easily!

          No Problem if you've never learned a language before

          No Problem if you think it might be a difficult task

          No Problem if you have trouble pronouncing words


No tricks, no gimmicks - it works very well, simply because it's easy & fun!
Even if you've never learned a language before you'll know the basics must come first, but that's where Speak Slovak rises above the competition.

Speak Slovak has been designed to cut through the confusion and remove the "junk" that other language courses begin with, and then streamline the information for maximum absorbtion into your vocabulary.

Speak Slovak offers a highly simplified method for you to start learning and speaking the language, whoever you are, and whatever your ability.

But will it work for me?

Most people will struggle with learning languages. The process can seem daunting - or even boring - from past experiences. Some people don't realise that everyone has what it takes to learn a language. Others think they are just too lazy to make a start!

The fact you're reading this means you're serious about breaking that barrier, and I've got news for you - it's actually a piece of cake to do. The hardest part is just saying, "Yes. Today I'm going to do it".

Speak Slovak solves the problems of other language courses, because we learned what works - and also - we learned what doesn't!

This allows us to make sure our beginner's course is junk-free, lightweight, and appropriate for visiting the Sovak Republic.

Then, to make it fun, we've made the whole thing audible!

This means that you'll get more than 500 useful words & phrases in the easy guidebook, but then you'll also get them as MP3 audio files.

This means you can take it with you on the move in your computer, on your iPhone, or in your MP3 player - or you can even play them in the car!

YOU DECIDE what works best FOR YOU!
What will you get if you download right now?
  • 500+ real-world words & phrases on MP3, including a spoken dictionary!
  • Our comprehensive Speak Slovak learning and grammar guide!
  • Your very own on-the-go reference guide, helping you out in tricky situations!
Works on all MP3 playing devices, including iPhones.
What our customers have said:
So what are you waiting for?
Download now, to make your visit to Slovakia an enjoyable and easy one!
Sounds great? But how much is it?

We make sure Speak Slovak is cheaper than the competition!

At only $19 for the whole package,

it's the best value Slovak beginners course on the internet,

Plus, it's ideal for tourists!
Click "Download Now" to be taken to our secure payment site, where you can pay directly with all credit cards & even Paypal.
Best of all, you don't need special abilities to learn the Slovak language quickly - all you need are the right tools and the right method - and that's where we can help!

After living in Slovakia for some time, and trying four different "learn Slovak" books & courses, I found they all left me with too many questions - or completely confused!

They all tried hard, but none of them could help with the HARDEST part of learning Slovak, which is simply remembering & correctly pronouncing the words, so the locals can understand you perfectly and clearly.

After many months of work, and with the help native Slovak speakers, we have created the perfect solution:
Getting around, shopping & dining out.
Counting, days, weeks & times.
A fully audible traveller's dictionary
A complete Slovak Pronunciation Guide
A Sentence Construction & Grammar Guide

Imagine yourself walking the magical & historic city of Bratislava, or perhaps heading inland to lesser known towns where tourists are a rarity, such as Nitra or Trnava - with Speak Slovak ready to go in your MP3 player or mobile phone.

An audio program is the easiest and most convenient way to pick up the essential basics of the Slovak language, and you're only a mouse-click away from having Speak Slovak in your language toolkit!

You'll never get caught out again, because even if you can't remember the word or phrase you need, simply scroll through your audio device and play the phrase out loud. Or, if you're shy, just show the person the file name that's playing on the screen! Never get caught out again.
I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Slovakia and I had to write in and thank you for the phrases. At lunch the restaurant didn't speak English so I got the chance to use some Slovak I learned on the way here with your audio phrasebook. I'm pretty proud of myself.
Julie Giltrap, Mesa, Arizona, USA

Nice job on the language course. I have all the audio files downloaded on my speakerphone, ready to play out loud if I get stuck. I used them on the bus to Devin castle. Without them God only knows where I might have ended up.
Leo Wang, Liverpool, England

Overall I'm impressed. Decent price, loads of phrases & words and it's kinda fun. Nice one guys.
Michael White, Adelaide, Australia.

All our testimonials are used with written permission. Thank you to our customers!
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